Pialba Dental in Hervey Bay Queensland is a purpose built, dedicated facility made to embrace current and future technological advances in providing dental excellence by a highly motivated and experienced team.  Attention to detail at every level has resulted in a beautiful welcoming and relaxed ambience to ensure you have a pleasant visit during your appointment, and also an ergonomic and spacious work environment for our team.

Our cosmetic dental studio brings together the latest technology and a highly experienced team in a dedicated facility. With a strong focus on attention to detail at every level, our expert team produce truly outstanding results for each and every patient.  



Dr Marek believes modern dentistry is a constant innovation, in both dental technology and procedures. Pialba Dental boasts the latest in dental technology by offering a modern clinic for surgical, restorative, cosmetic and hygiene procedures. With the latest dental technologies and procedures your experience during each time you visit is comfortable, quality, convenient and all procedures are performed in a timely manner.  


We recognise that your privacy is very important and at Pialba Dental we are committed to respecting your privacy. Dr Marek and the team are very conscious of patient privacy and ensure you will receive superlative privacy each time you visit Pialba Dental. Your comfort and assurance of privacy is also provided by the acoustic wall panelling in the clinical setting.  


Pialba Dental has been thoughtfully furnished and designed for your own comfort and ease. We provide extra soft comfort dental chairs and specially designed neck, back and knee cushions which are readily available for patients who suffer from neck and back problems. Our clinic also offers nitrous oxide sedation to ensure your optimal comfort during any type of procedure. 


We are located in the heart of Hervey Bay, Queensland. Our premises offers ample parking for 25 vehicles out the front and back of the studio, and off street parking is also available. The studio is conveniently situated at street level for easy access for wheelchairs and mothers with prams. For any emergency dental care we are here to accommodate you.