One of the newest innovations in dental technology that has started to gain widespread attention is dental implants. In the modern era, having modern dental implants is a common dental surgical procedure.
Dentists in Hervey Bay uses this procedure to fill the gaps left when natural teeth have to be removed or when natural teeth fall out for any reason.

What to expect during modern dental implants at Pialba Dental



Never trust the procedure to a dentist that is inexperienced or unpracticed in the procedure, rather you must visit Pialba Dental where you’ll get top-quality treatment.

First, we will check the quality of your jawbone tissues. The dentist will check the nerves and sinuses, and access whether the jawbone is strong enough to support the modern implants. All the precautionary measures are taken so that no lasting damage could incur. All the data will help us to learn where the holes must be drilled and at what speed.

The procedure

At  Pialba Dental, titanium rods are drilled into the jawbone. It creates a strong base to fix the prosthetic tooth. To avoid pain during dental implant, anesthesia is used. For the post-op pain and soreness, painkillers are given to the patient. Dentist at Pialba Dental  uses both the CT scan and computerized images to guide the drills to the jawbone. Due to the measured torque of the drill, the success rate of modern dental implants is quite high. The surgery itself usually will last a little over an hour, depending on how many implants are required by the patient.


There is no fixed timetable for dental implants healing. It may take up to 2-6 months for complete healing. It varies from patient to patient. Each case heals at its own pace. The main thing is the patience, as loading a prosthetic before the implant heals could damage the bone tissue and result in osteonecrosis.

Results of dental implants at Pialba Dental Surgery

In the end, expect to have a capable and strong tooth, which seamlessly blends into your smile. It performs all the functions of a real tooth with ease and comfort. A modern dental implant is an amazing procedure when performed by the experienced dentist at Pialba Dental.

If you’re living in North Brisbane, Hervey Bay or nearby suburbs, feel free to talk to us to reconstruct your smile today.

Main merits of dental implants at Pialba Dental Surgery


Restoring natural tooth

Dental implants work like a real tooth and perform all functions including chewing and biting. It also fills the gap between the gums.

Long lasting

If you take care of dental implants, they can last for a lifetime.

Gums protection

Due to the filling of gaps, food particles don’t deposit. In this way, you can prevent bigger health issues.

Restoring your confidence

After dental implants, patients feel more confident. They confidently smile and speak, leaving behind the embarrassment of toothless gaps in the mouth.

Why Pialba Dental Surgery for modern dental implants

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